Furniture Re-purposing (Score!)

Whenever I rearrange, reorganize and/or redecorate a room, I always try to utilize pieces of furniture that I already own.  If I can use it in a new and different way, that’s a serious score.  
During my last {major} reorganization — you can read about it here — I was able to do that with a few items, my favorite of which I’ve devoted to the bloggie today. 
Behold the once-desk-section-now-wine-hutch:
They say {whoever “they” is} that the mother of all invention is necessity; a sentiment that couldn’t be more true in this case.  While it doesn’t really qualify as an invention, the idea for this re-purpose was born because I desperately needed a place to store our fine china.  (Remember, during my last re-org, I needed to move as much as possible up and out of the basement.  Well, our china was {sadly} living down there and it needed to go.  The challenge, however, was finding it a new home.
When we started moving the hubby’s desk sectional set out of his office upstairs, I realized that one of the sections was pretty under-utilized.  It took me one second to decide that it would work perfectly as china storage — and, with a little decorating “magic,” would make a great addition to our dining room.  When the hubby decided he really didn’t need it and gave me “permission” to use it somewhere else, my wheels immediately started turning.
To make it a bit more decorative, and to also solve our wine glass overflow problem in the kitchen, I decided to add a wine glass rack under the top shelf.  I found this oh-so-pretty wooden one from Crate & Barrel.  (There are a ton of metal racks out there but, in order for it to look like the desk section had always been a wine hutch, I wanted the rack to match the wood.)
After staining it with Minwax Wood Finish (which is uber easy as a spray), I simply mounted it under the shelf.  Done and done.
I displayed a few of the china pieces on the shelf, and stored the rest in the two well-sized drawers below.
Storage for china: accomplished.

The final step was to do “something” with the big open space between the top of the drawers and the hanging wine glasses.  Soooooo, I gathered up a few things around my house, things that were in-line with the “wine” theme, and created this arrangement:

vase: wine decanter / vase filler: wine corks / floral stems
Furniture re-purpose: complete!

Let me know what you think.  
If you want any specific details, send me an email or leave a comment below.  
Also, send me a link to something you’ve re-purposed lately.  
I luuuurve getting new ideas.

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