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Hello there!  Yes, it has been a while.  I’m sorry!  Life is busy — and doesn’t afford me much time for the blog — but things are going great!  Family as a foursome is fantastic and we are settled into a nice little routine.  For now, anyway.  Not to mention, in my not-so-spare time, I’m working on the start-up of my new stationery shop.  This has me very excited and I can’t wait for my samples to be ready.  Patience, patience.

In the meantime, I thought I’d pop in to share a few of my faves from my recent Birchboxes.  Are you familiar with Birchbox?  It’s super fun.  For $10 a month (less if you pay for the year up front), members receive a little goodie box each month filled with samples of beauty and lifestyle products — creams, polish, makeup, snacks, etc.  The idea is pretty simple: Birchbox provides members with the latest products in sample size, so we can try them, first, without buying an entire tube or jar.  Perfect.  Additionally, if you find an item you love, you can buy the actual size from the Birchbox website at a discounted price and they ship free!  Awesome, right?

While it seems like I don’t have a ton of time for hair and/or makeup these days, it’s a lot fun to receive this little treat each month and – as sad as it is to say – reminds me to take a little time to paint my toenails or apply eye liner.  :-)  And, much to my surprise, I have actually found a few things I’d like to buy.

Here are a few of my recent faves:

Blue-Ming polish by Color Club.

Love this shade.  Even though summer is technically over, I can see myself wearing this for a while longer.

Stainiac by theBalm

I’m not a big lipstick wearer.  Truthfully, I never wear it.  I’m more of a clear gloss kind of gal.  However, this seems to be a good compromise.  It does NOT have the look of lipstick or even gloss.  Literally, it just stains your lips with a bit of color.  After it sets in, lips are dry.  I like the fact that it gives my lips a little color without looking like I’m wearing lipstick.  It lasts a long time, too.  If I’m headed out, I like to apply a clear gloss over the top.  If I purchase it, I will probably buy the Rosy Pink shade, instead of my sample shade which is Berry Pink.  Rosy Pink appears to be a little less bright and more my style.  (Oh, and this product is for cheeks, too, though I’ve yet to try it that way.)

Uber Bar (Roasted Nut Roll) by Larabar

Leave it to me to include one of the food items, right?!?  Hey, I like a healthy snack just as much as the next gal.  Now that I’m nursing again, I’m on a constant lookout for healthy, quick snacks.  I like nuts, so, for me, this was scrumptious.  G-man liked it, too.

I’m looking forward to this month’s box.  I’ll try to pop in and share what I loved.  :-)


  1. Andie says

    Great post! I’m actually subscribed to two monthly subscription boxes that I LOVE! The first is Eco-Emi ($15/month), it’s very similar to Birchbox; however, the items are all eco-friendly :) The second I subscribe to is Ecocentric Mom ($17/month), this one focuses on healthy, natural and organic products. Ecocentric Mom is awesome because they have 3 box options to choose from: The Mom Discovery Box, Mom to Be Discovery Box and Baby Discovery Box.

    Good luck with the new stationery shop!!!! Excited to see your products :)

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