Custom Stationery Giveaway!

When G was born, I purchased for him the most darling personalized stationery from Tiny Prints. Love, love, love Tiny Prints! Over the past two years I have used them to write little notes on his behalf — mostly thank-yous — and I have thoroughly enjoyed having them. So when baby N came along, I wanted him to have cute, personalized cards, too!  (Naturally, right?!?!?)

This time, however, I decided to make them myself, putting to use the {basic} Photoshop skills I’ve acquired over the past few years. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

In fact, I had so much fun making them that I made one for little girls, too, knowing that they’d make great gifts.

What do you think?

Like ‘em?

If that’s a yes, then read on…because…

I’m giving away a set of 25 personalized cards!

Don’t have a wee one?  Have more than one wee one?  That’s alright…the set can be divided amongst your kiddos or I can personalize them with a family name instead. And, if you’d like a more generic card, I can leave off the “thank you”…  :-)

Giveaway Details

Winner will receive one set of 25 personalized cards and 25 white, square-flap envelopes!

Cards are A2-size (5.5 x 4.25) and are professionally printed on 110 lb white paper.

Here’s how to enter:

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  • Leave a comment letting me know why you think writing thank-you notes is still important! {1 Entry}
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**The giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday, August, 2nd.  Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, August 3rd.

Remember: For each entry you complete, leave a separate comment below letting me know you’ve done so.

Good luck!

{I designed these cards using graphic elements by Clip Art Corner & Erin Bradley Designs.}


  1. says

    I tweeted. I think writing thank you notes are so important because it’s a lot harder to do than type an e-mail, and it means a lot for someone to get something in the mail these days. With that said, I”m behind in my thank you note writing.

  2. Natalie P. says

    Writing thank-you notes is still important because it is a lot more personal & who doesn’t love receiving a cute TY card in the mail?? Also, I LOVE how you used the name Dylan on the example for little girls. My daughter’s name is Dylan so I especially love to see this!

  3. says

    Thank you notes are a must in my book, especially handwritten ones! My mom & dad taught me that. They wrote thank you notes for things other than gifts and I try to do the same. If someone does something nice, what better way to express your gratitude than with a sincere, handwritten note! They are also better late than never! :-)

  4. Kristen Hyder says

    I already follow you on FB! And Thank You notes are sooooo important. I have always said that if someone takes the time out of their busy life to come to a shower (not to mention most likely bring a gift), bring you a meal after the birth of a child, or any other out of the ordinary nice gesture, the least you can do is take 5 minutes to write a note to let them know that you appreciate their gift, meal, etc. It is a shame that so many people have gotten away from this simple, yet important act.

  5. Amanda H says

    I think writing notes is still very important because there’s nothing more personal and touching than a hand-written letter from someone you know and care about.

  6. says

    And think letter writing is important so future generations don’t send out text messages such as:

    THX 4 coming 2 my wedding! The pl8s r supah cuuuuuute! ;-) LOL!

  7. Laura says

    Thank you’s a super important. Growing up, I always got box of thank you’s as a “stocking stuffer” at Christmas . I plan to do the same with my boys so they get in the habit early on of thanking family and friends for the gifts they receive.

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