Easy, DIY Wooden Table!

I have been working hard and hurriedly transforming “my” side of the basement into a more pleasing laundry/crafting area, having given myself only until March to have it completed so that I could begin focusing on nursery #2. It’s March 1st and it’s not quite ready. Oooops. Oh well…no biggie. I’ve already painted the nursery and assembled the crib, so, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a bit ahead. Yes, I assembled the crib all by myself. {score!}

Anywhoo, I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek at one of the more major additions to my new crafting space. Behold my new crafting table:

Let me tell you all…I was SO excited to build this beaut. I desperately needed a large table on which to work, but didn’t want to fork over a ton of money. I decided to build my own with lumber, convinced that it couldn’t be too hard. Right? I popped onto the internet, searched DIY wooden table and — hallelujah sing with joy — found this fabulous tutorial by Nina at Stylizmo. (She credits “Helt Enkelt” with the original idea.) As Nina said herself, this table was as simple as 1-2-3 — really!



I know, I know. I have four steps. Just go with it.

1) After selecting lumber at a size that suits you, place the boards top down on a flat surface. (I chose four boards, 8 inches wide x 6 feet long.)*

2) Using shorter, 2 x 4 pieces of lumber (I had one long piece cut into three shorter pieces) and wood screws, brace and secure the table together.

3) Give the table a quick sanding, then paint or stain it to your liking. (I painted mine in Ash Mist by Olympic. It’s nearly white with the faintest blue tint. Gorgeous! It looks very grey on the website…not really how I think it actually looks.)

4) Place table on table legs. I chose these Ikea table legs, as shown in Nina’s tutorial. They were only $10 dollars. And, seriously, you just place the table onto them — no screwing or anything.

*I bought my lumber from Lowe’s and had one of the gentleman cut it for me at the store. It is super affordable. The first three cuts are free and then it’s mere change after that.

Since building this little gem, I added a pretty table skirt for instant and hidden under-table storage. PLUS — and this is one of my favorite additions — I added this steel adhesive ruler so that I could easily measure things along its edge. Brilliant, eh? Can’t wait to show you the final, final!

Until then…


  1. Daily mom says

    Hey Sarah,
    It has been too long! I have been swamped around here recently just trying to stay one step ahead of myself and A of course! The table looks amazing…might need to do that for our new house!!! How is baby #2 growing?!? Only a few more months right?!?!


  2. says

    Ok that totally rocks! I am needing something similar and if you can do it then I’m thinking I can too! Pinned it!
    And look at you at TT&J! You go!


  1. [...] To make a table similar to this one you first need to select lumber at a size that suits you. Then place the boards on a flat surface and use shorter pieces of lumber and wood screws to the secure the table together. Sand everything and then paint or stain the table. Attach the legs and the project is complete.{found on coffeeandcabernet}. [...]

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