Classic, Rustic Boy Nursery | G’s Room Reveal


As I plan, prep, prepare and “pin” for nursery #2, it occurred to me that I never shared with you the nursery I designed for G. How dare I? It is a room I love dearly; one that truly was built with love. These images were taken just weeks after G was born (almost two years ago — how can that be?!?!?) so a few things have changed. Though, not many.

G was named after the hubby’s grandfather and the men on that side of the family are among a long line of “outdoorsmen” with strong ties to a ranch in west Texas. The ranch, that lifestyle and that pastime hold a special place in my hubby’s heart and are a large part of his history. Being that G’s middle name came from such a generation of men, I wanted to incorporate a rustic feel and ranch style elements into his nursery. I’m not big on themes — and certainly didn’t want G’s room to feel like a baby hunting lodge — so I used primarily a classic style and simply included a few, subtle rustic touches.

Here are a few images. (Oh, and, you know me…I like to keep G’s name private so please understand the editing out of his name in the following photos.)

Instead of a mobile, we took soft, little plush geese (actually, I think they were dog toys) and hung them above his crib with fishing line.

I purchased a Restoration Hardware lampshade and placed it onto a deer antler lamp base that we already owned. I also framed a few beautiful images of the ranch and placed them here and there.

I found a cute, stuffed deer head online at Cabela’s and created the coordinating base from a wooden oval-shaped plaque, batting and fabric.

I custom-painted this bookshelf to match the Restoration Hardware bedding.

For this picture display, I used barn

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wood frames and created custom mats from scrapbook paper and ribbon that coordinated with G’s room.

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Other details:

Bedding: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Storage Bins: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (They don’t make mine anymore, but they are just like these.)
Changing Table Wicker Bins: Target (liners from Restoration Hardware)
Curtains: Pottery Barn (already owned them)
Star: Hobby Lobby
Bookshelf: Kidkraft
Rocker: Storkcraft Hoop Glider in Espresso (not the most plush rocker, but great for the low price!)
White Shag Rug: Wooly Bully Shag Rug (Lowe’s)
Wall Vinyl: I used Quote the Walls and created a custom wall vinyl in ‘Rope’ font.
Name Wall Hanging: I used small square canvases, applied a bit of batting and wrapped them in coordinating fabric, including a polka dot pattern, white burlap and a creamy-white suede. Then, I glued painted wooden letters to the front.
Wrought Iron Coat Rack: already owned

I didn’t write down every detail, so if you have questions just drop me a line.

The creative juices for nursery #2 are a-flowin’ and I have 95% of the mental map. Now I just need to stop yawning and make it happen! :-)

DIY Toddler Activity | Family Member Magnets


G is in a phase where he can’t seem to get enough of family photos.  He loves to look at pictures and videos of himself, me, Daddy and other members of his family.  It’s pretty darn cute, actually.  He’ll walk over to the shelf of photo books and albums, grab one and then hand it to you as he nestles into your lap.  Oh, how I love my little angel.

Anywhoo, as his Valentine’s Day gift this year, I came up with a super cute (and easy!) little activity that plays right into his love of family photos: DIY Family Member Magnets!

Using Photoshop, I created eight different — but coordinating — frames (or templates).  I dropped in the best head shot I could find of each family member and added their name to the bottom.  After printing them on a lightweight white cardstock, I cut and laminated them.  Lastly, I added two adhesive magnetic strips to the backside.

Turning them into magnets was “clutch,” in my opinion.  Why?  Because the kitchen is one of those places where often I am busy doing a variety of things — trying to cook, do the dishes, clean up from the latest meal or my arms are elbow deep in something — and this is a great occupier for G!

I’m considering uploading the templates as free printables for Coffee & Cabernet subscribers.  What do you think?


Peel & Stick Chalkboard | FabFind

wallies 5

Have you been feigning for a FabFind?!?!?  Well, have no fear.  I’m back with a new installment:

The Wallies Peel & Stick Chalkboard!

Several, several months ago, I deliberated over creating G a chalkboard space in our living room. Although our living room screams preschool by day, I prefer it to have mature capabilities when needed.  It is a constant battle in my house.  So, while I loved the idea of painting a fun spot with chalkboard paint, what I didn’t love about that idea was the permanence.

Doing what I do best, I turned to Amazon and found the amazingness that is the Peel & Stick Chalkboard by Wallies.  Let me tell you, this was THE perfect solution for us.  It stays put like a charm and can be removed at the drop of a hat.  We had one hanging in our living room for a year and it didn’t so much as budge a centimeter.  Absolutely zero peel back.  And, when I took it down so that I could move it to G’s room, it was 100% hassle free; it came off and went back up like a gem.  {Score!}  The best part is, they actually work!  Now, in my opinion, nothing is quite as good as a real, slate chalkboard.  But, markings come out smooth, dark and clear on this product — every bit as good as chalkboard paint and, honestly, not too far from the real, slate, deal.  (Wallies also makes other types of decals, too, like generic and kiddo-friendly home decor wall decals.)

Here’s a picture of the one I purchased for G hanging in our living room — it’s the large or ‘Mural‘ size.  (And, yes, the kiddos are wearing costumes…it was a Halloween party.)

The coolest thing is that the Wallies Peel & Stick chalkboards come in all sorts of shapes and styles.  I bought the ‘Frilly‘ one for the side of my refrigerator and a smaller, ABC one as an additional one for G…I couldn’t stop.  And look at these fun shapes:

The possibilities for these little guys are endless.  Check out some of the uses for the chalkboard decals as shown on the Wallies website:

I am currently working on a fun little project that involves cutting one of my Wallies Peel & Stick chalkboard decals with my Silhoutte machine.  Woohoo!  I’ll be sure to post about it when I’m finished.

If you’re looking for a unique, versatile and not-so-permanent chalkboard solution…I can’t think of anything better!  It’s definitely a FabFind!

Disclosure: I received neither cash nor product in exchange for this review.  Simply, I think this is a great product worth sharing.  Read my full disclosure here.


Fun Valentine for Kids + Free Printable!


G loves – I mean really, really, really loves — the big, punch ball balloons.  I keep a bag of them at the house, at.all.times.  (Thanks to Wanda for introducing him to them and to Didi for keeping the flame alive!)  When one deflates or goes “bye bye,” we blow up the next one.  And, typically, when a holiday rolls around that involves giving something to other kiddos, I try to think of things that G is really into at the moment.  Naturally, when I started to mentally nosh on cute Valentine ideas for the little man one of the first things that came to mind was, yep, the punch balloon.

So…here’s what G will be giving his buddies this Valentine’s Day.

I love the way these came out — I think almost as much as G loves punch balloons. {wink}

This project was pretty easy-peasy, too.  I designed a fun little card in Photoshop, printed it on super-heavyweight cardstock and knotted a punch balloon through two, 1/2-inch sized holes I put into the left-hand side.  Doneskies!

Tip: You can find punch balloons at most party supply stores as well as in the party supply isle of Target, near the greeting cards.

And…guess what?!?!?  I’m offering the card as a FREE printable.  That means YOU can make these even easier than I did.  Woohoo!

Packs-a-Punch V-Day Card 2012

Let me know what you think!

Have a marvelous Valentine’s Day and, most importantly, don’t forget to hug, kiss and appreciate the ones you love!


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Officially Popped!


Quick pregnancy update, anyone? Well, at 23 weeks I believe I have “popped,” officially. Gone are the “is she pregnant or does she just have a big belly?” days. I sure hope, anyway.

Here’s a pic of me at the 23 week mark — nearly 6 months pregnant! (I’m a bit sad that I documented darn near every week of my pregnancy with G and have only a handful of belly pics with baby #2. Oh, well…I’m pretty positive that neither of my boys will ever ask me for their belly pics…)

I feel fortunate that this pregnancy has been pretty darn smooth. A few noteworthy items:

I must sound like a broken record, but I can’t post preggo updates without mentioning that the hubby and I feel beyond blessed that we have another thriving, healthy boy on our hands. Thinking about our little, possibly complete, family puts the biggest smile on our faces.

Until next time,