Baby Shower: Part One | Message Book

This February, my best, best, best, best, bestest friend in the whole wide world (do I sound like a 4th grader), Brooke, is having her first child — a baby boy!  I am absolutely thrilled for her and her husband.  They are going to be amazing parents.
Here’s a recent pic of me and all my closest girlfriends from high school.  Brooke is the furthest to the left on the sofa arm — she’s got a cute little baby bump!  Isn’t she a doll?  And, yes, if you didn’t notice, we all have baby BOYS!  Fun, right?  I love these gals!
Anywhoo, a couple thousand miles may separate us but that didn’t stop me from providing a helping hand with one of Brooke’s baby showers.  From my remote standpoint, I decided to tackle the invitations and any crafts and/or games.  At this point, I’d love to be able to tell you that I madean adorable little invitation, but we were under a major time crunch.  Therefore, I went with a very simple but classy invite from an adorable, local stationery shop.Now, when it came to “crafty” things I had a bit more time to dabble…
One of my top priorities was to create a special book to commemorate the event and this time in her life — a little book filled with notes, messages, memories or advice from all of the guests at the shower.  With only scrapbook paper (cut to size 4×6), ribbon, baby-related “puffy” stickers and a binder ring, I created this little gem:
Each guest at the shower took one card, on which they wrote a sweet message, piece of advice or fun memory.  All the cards were gathered at the end of the shower, re-combined and given to Brooke.  Sweet, cute & fun!
My inspiration for this little booklet can be found here at the House of Smiths.
Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a few relevant Pinterest finds.  I love this “Wish for Baby” idea and these super cute executions:


What are you’re fave baby shower ideas?


  1. M. Harman says

    What a super cute idea! You need to post to Pinterest, if you haven't already. :) I'm holding a baby shower at my house tomorrow, and the only thing "crafty" I did was make a cute brown, green and white banner that says "Welcome Little One." I used heavy, textured scrapbook paper, pre-made adhesive letters and thick lime green ribbon. I'm hoping she can hang in the baby's room for his/her arrival in late February. :)


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