Weekly Menu Board: Etsy Addition

You’ve all seen those adorable little weekly menu boards that help in keeping mommies (and daddies!) a little more sane each week, right? Being the organizational freak that I am, I think they are a marvelous idea. If I cooked regularly, I would definitely make one for myself.
Anywhoo, a customer/friend of mine was in the market for one and asked if I would make it for her in the same fashion as the other boards in my Etsy shop. I’m always looking for new items to add to my shop, and this little custom project was perfect! She was a gem of a client, giving me a few general guidelines, like her kitchen color scheme and the fact that she, too, was currently in love with burlap.
{Score!}I finished it a few days ago.
Have a look:

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my little ol’ creations, visit my Etsy shop {HERE}.

Creating a weekly menu board can also be an easy, quick project; one as simple as collecting an old frame, scrapbook paper and stickers. Or, just frame a chalk/whiteboard. Here are a few, easy-peasy DIY weekly menu boards I thought I’d share:

Hope this posts finds you all happy and healthy. At my house, we’re all looking forward to the holidays and some much needed vacation time!

Oh, and stay tuned — there’s a fun announcement coming to the blog!


  1. Hines-Sight says

    Sarah, great job.

    These are great. If you ever want to do a giveaway on my blog for one of these, I would love to host it.

  2. Mrs. Stranded says

    Very cool! I like yours the best. Although I'm the kind of cook who buys produce and meat based on what looks freshest and then decides the night I cook how I will prepare it based on how much time I have before hubby starts "snacking" on my ingredients.

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