another domestic plunge

Ahem.  Attention all blog readers.  All five of you, that is.  :-)
I’ve decided to take a major plunge and, today, purchased this bad girl:

While this latest endeavor is sure to put the final stitch in my “domesticated” badge, it will {hopefully} be a lot of fun, too!
Why?  Why take up sewing when I know absolutely zilch?  Because I’m tired of having great “visions” and then settling for second-best because I can’t find what I want.  My master bedroom curtains, for example.  I have a vision of exactly what I want them to look like, but can’t find them.  Sooooooo, I’m going to make them.  And maybe a pillow or two!  (Okay…I won’t get ahead of myself.) 
Pray for me.
Please and thank you. 
Oh, and let me know if you have any feedback/reviews regarding this sewing machine model.  (Clicking the picture will take you to the model info.)  It got rave reviews on Amazon…Five-hundred and eighty-seven, to be exact.  But, remember, what do I know about sewing machines??

P.S. Mom: If you read this — which, I know you will because you are one of my five loyal readers — please know that you should be prepared to give me a few pointers during your next visit.